About the Blog:

The main focus of the blog is to create a forum to share different viewpoints on contemporary socio-legal issues.


The article should be related to emerging socio-legal issues – whether Indian or International. It is requested to the authors to kindly stick to issues that relevant in the current times and selecting old/unrelated topics might lead to rejection.


The maximum number of co-authors permitted is twoper submission.

Submission Guidelines:

The submissions must be sent to in a MS word document. We receive submissions on a rolling basis.

Authors are expected to submit articles of length not more than 1500 words. Authors are requested to adhere to the word limit.

Font Style:

The manuscript submitted by the author(s) must adhere to the following rules-

1. The manuscript submitted must be in Times New Roman.

2. The line spacing for the main text must be 1.5 and 1 for the footnotes.

3. The font size of the title – 14 and underlined; font size of headings -12 and bold; and the font size of the body – 12.

4. The authors are requested to strictly adhere to the aforementioned formatting guidelines, failing which the submission may be rejected.

Citation Style:

20th Bluebook Edition

The author(s) are kindly requested to provide the link of the sources which have been cited in the main body or are requested to provide endnotes.

Other instructions:

1. The author/authors are requested to give a written undertaking that the manuscripts submitted are original pieces of work and has not been plagiarized nor has been published or is in consideration for publishing in any other place.

2. The author/authors are requested not to mention their names or any other details related to them in the body of the manuscript. A separate cover letter needs to be sent by the author(s) consisting of the names, profession and university/firm/place of work.

Contact Information:

For any queries, you may send an email to

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