About the organisation

Greener Things- an initiative by GNLU students to develop a greener perspective to look at all kinds of things, a term broad enough to include each and every activity of every nation ranging from government actions to individual activities. Our aim is to develop an unbiased, independent, strong, efficient and practicable environmental perspective for all kind of activities in a nation so as to secure the precious and dwindling mother earth from getting extinct.

About the Research

“Psychological Tenets for transitioning into a Sustainable City- An Interdisciplinary Perspective.”

The project hinges on a post-Covid 19 situation where the government is left with no option but to tilt the balance towards development more than sustainable development, it becomes the duty of the people to work collectively towards the SDGs by developing their thought process. However such a change towards a sustainable city requires a sea change in the psychological outlook of the community followed by an interdisciplinary approach to maintain this transition into a sustainable city to achieve SDG Goal 11.

Advisory Board-

1. Prof. Dr. Sanjeevi Shanthakumar,

Director and Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat National Law University. With about 27 years of teaching experience, he is a renowned professor specialising in Environmental Law, Human Rights Law.

2. Prof. Dr. Shobhalata V. Udapudi

Senior Professor of Law, Gujarat National Law University. A senior environmental law professor, he is a renowned scholar in the field of environmental law and sustainable development.

3. Mr. Ratnil Shrivastava

Assistant Professor of Architecture and Planning, Nirma University. With a M. Plan in Housing from CEPT, he has a keen interest in strategic consulting, housing and real estate, infrastructure planning.

4. Ms. Stuti Chakroborty

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Christian Medical College. M.Sc. in Psychology (University of Madras). An avid researcher in the field of neuroscience and psychology, she has represented India at numerous international seminars and is a country representative at HIFA.

5. Mr. Avro Basu

M.Sc. In Climate Change and Sustainable Studies (TISS, Mumbai); Coordinator, Shillim Institute, Pune. An avid researcher in the field of sustainable development, he has been a part of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute for Good Governance and Policy Analysis, Bhopal.

Eligibility Criteria-

Apart from prior research experience, the researcher should belong from any of the following backgrounds or have an in-depth knowledge about the same-● Law● Sustainable Development● Psychology● Public Administration

Duration –● 3 months

Number of posts available-● 5 posts

Incentives- ● Internship Certificate and Letter of Recommendation from the Senior Advisory Board Members

How to register

The registration is a two-step process-

1. Fill up the google form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScec7SelN7U4hTaG1NJK3LFUYnMV0RjfSXeAvtJjP8Nhvx5dw/viewform).

2. Submit a 500 word writing sample on any one of the following topics-

a. What is the role of law in development of a sustainable city? Or

b. What are the ways to overcome psychological barriers in developing a sustainable city? Or

c. In what ways do you think, you can transform the city you live in, into a sustainable city?

Upload the writing sample in the google form.

In case of any clarifications feel free to reach out at greenerthings.gt@gmail.com.

Important dates and deadlines● The deadline for application is 18th August 2020.

Contact info


Gmail- greenerthings.gt@gmail.com

Follow us at Instagram (@_greenerthings_) and Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/company/greener-things

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