About Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights

The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has been constituted under the Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CPCR) Act, 2005. It is the statutory watchdog of the Government of Delhi on matters of child rights. 

Details of the Internship● The interns report to and work closely with the officials of the Commissions. The officers posted in the Commission are called Members of the Commission. It is Principal Secretary, Government of Delhi equivalent post (Note: Principal Secretary is the highest-ranking officer in any department of the government).

Positions● The Internship has been categorized into 3 fields:

Grievance and Policy Analysis Internship● Interns get to work on grievance resolution parts ensuring the children get the needed relief.● By experiences of working on a range of grievances, the interns may depending upon the Commission’s priorities, their interests and skill-sets, choose one systemic issue and work with the appropriate authority for evolving an implementation solution.● This internship is particularly interesting for  those interested in seeing the direct outcome of their actions, and for those seeking to build their career in public policy analysis. 

Data Analytics Internship● DCPCR conducted an evaluation of nearly 5,500 schools in the past 12 months on safety, learning and inclusion standards. The exercise included state government, municipal and private schools. Consequently, the Commission has very rich data with regard to school performance, paving way for policies that are more informed and sharper. ● This internship is a very exciting opportunity for those interested in big data, evidence-driven policy, and data analytics.  

Media Internship● The Commission organizes dozens of workshops, seminars, capacity-building sessions, and takes up cases of importance. However, we have done a very poor job of documentation. In fact, our website does not reflect even a fraction of our work, has outdated (and even redundant) information which is badly organized. Similarly, the Commission has very little or no social media presence. Quarterly newsletter has been published only once in the last 4 years. The time for improvement is here.● This is an exciting opportunity for those with strong documentation skills interested in organization-building, and believe in communications as an important element of governance.


Essential Requirements:1. Commitment to public service;2. Good communication skills (Both, Hindi and English).3. Work ethics and high integrity;4. Basic humility to work in teams and setting;5. Basic levels of proficiency in English (writing, reading);6. Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word);7. Computer/ Laptops; 

Preferred Requirements:1. Background (either academic or work experience) in law, policy, social work, education, counselling;2. Prior experience of working for public cause as part of volunteering or employment;

Remuneration● Rs 3,000/- as stipend.● Certificate and Letter of Recommendation.

How to Apply● To Apply for the Internship, click here.● For the official notification, click here.● For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), click here.● There is no fixed last date. It is on a rolling basis. The Commission shall close the internships after suitable candidates have been found.

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