About Online Apprentice Programme (OAP) by LawKit

The LawKit is proud to announce its Online Apprentice Programme (OAP). We at The LawKit believe we can serve better with peculiar opportunities for law students and thereby provide an altogether different learning platform on the go.

We have tied up with Zia Judicials, one of Delhi’s renowned Judicial Institute for this programme, designed solely for law students. OAP is different from what other online platforms and organizations deliver in the name of internships. We are not keeping this programme a simple ‘write & submit an Article’ based or a mere ‘Student Researcher/Content Writer’ sort of internship. OAP has come up with a completely different set of working experience as compared to an ‘Online Internship Programme’. The purpose of the programme is to inculcate among students, an impression of virtual learning at par with real working set-up, in order to give their career a balanced head start.

About Zia Judicials

“Started in September 2017, marks the beginning of a dream – Zia Judicials, Zia-UL Mustafa Ansari a visionary and an experienced faculty guiding judicial aspirants towards their success. Our vision is reflecting on the motto of the institute “threshold to success”.

We are driven by a passion for innovative ideas and a commitment to transformative solutions. Our distinctiveness and our diversity are a source of strength that we adore. It makes this an exciting and productive premise to study, to teach, to write, to explore, to question, to innovate, and to pursue the highest ideals of law and justice

At Zia Judicials we had a heartfelt desire to develop a unique methodology which is apart from dealing with conventional teaching, gives special attention to the students and help them to overcome their shortcomings. We aim to provide the overall development of our students apart from giving them clear concepts and focus to develop their personality.”

Nature of the Programme/Internship● OAP is going to be a home-based one-month programme where selected interns will work in groups/teams of 3 each.● Each group/team will be working on any random topic related to Legal and Social Field. They will have the liberty to choose the field of law they are passionate and keen about.● There is no restriction in selecting topics. The Interns are at their own discretion to prepare the Project on any fruitful & thought-provoking topic.● The OAP is a project based programme where Interns will be preparing their work in the form of a research project where they will cover the concerned points for the chosen Topic.● As a part of the Project the Interns will be preparing a 10-12 question survey format (in Google Forms) linked to their topic in the end, asking minimum 5 genuine people to answer them.● The Survey Questions should be relevant, contemplative & linked with the Project. It shouldn’t be hoax and meaningless.● We discourage the filling of survey questions by random bogus people. As this process is going to add weightage to the work, so Interns are requested to keep an eye on any irregular work being done.● The Research Project should comprise a maximum of 10,000 words for the entire group. As said it’s not a typical Internship; therefore healthy research is expected. Casual work will be rejected first hand.

Perks● 1 Best Team to get cash reward of Rs. 6000 as an acknowledgment of their work.● LOR to the top performer/intern/team for each edition of the OAP.● Internship Certificate to all the selected interns after the successful completion of the Programme.● Due credit to the Top 3 projects of each edition by enlisting them on our website.

Internship Commencing on: September 01 2020

For Registration & other details please visit http://www.thelawkit.com

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