The main focus of the journal is to create a forum to share different viewpoints on contemporary socio-legal issues. The first issue of the journal was published in June, 2020 with the theme ‘COVID-19: A multilateral catastrophe on the Society’ bearing the ISSN: 2582-6123. The present call for papers is for the second issue of the same Journal.


Gender Inclusiveness under Indian & International Laws


1. Historical Legal trends in Gender issues

2. Amendment to cure lacunae in women-centric laws

3. Gender disparities in power and pay

4. Transgender Persons’ (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019

5. Gender Justice and the role of personal laws

6. Sexual Abuse against men/women/LGBTQ+ community

7. Feminism under the Indian Laws

8. Evolution of Intersectional Feminism

Any other sub-theme that may come under the ambit of the main topic


The maximum number of co-authors permitted is two.


The submissions must be sent to editorialboard.yimf@gmail.com in a MS word document by 6th September, 2020.


Long Articles: 3000-5000 words

Short articles: 2000-3000 words 

Case Comments: 1500-2000 words

(Including Citations)


The manuscript submitted by the author(s) must adhere to the following rules-

1. The manuscript submitted must be in Times New Roman.

2. The line spacing for the main text must be 1.5 and 1 for the footnotes.

3. The font size of the title – 14, Bold and underlined; font size of headings -12 and bold; and the font size of the body – 12.

4. The authors are requested to strictly adhere to the aforementioned formatting guidelines, failing which the submission may be rejected.

5. The abstract must be included within the manuscript and must not be over 300 words.


20th Bluebook Edition

The author(s) are kindly requested to provide the link of the sources which have been cited in the main body or are requested to provide endnotes.

OTHER INSTRUCTIONS1. Along with the manuscript, the author must provide an abstract (not exceeding 300 words). The abstract is not included in the word limit of the article. 2. Authors are requested to give a written undertaking that the manuscripts submitted are original pieces of work and has not been plagiarized nor has been published or is in consideration for publishing in any other place.3. The cover letter of the author(s) must consist of the names, profession and university/firm/place of work.4. The authors are requested not to include any irrelevant formatting attributes such as borders, header/footer texts, etc., in the manuscript.


Uniform publication fee of ₹1000 for single author and ₹1500 for co-authored articles would have to be sent by the contributors once the YIMF Academia Editorial Board sends the intimation of selection of the manuscript.

In order to facilitate publication of quality research work and uplift the weaker sections of the society, no publication fees would be charged from students belonging to the lower economic strata of the society. Once the YIMF Academia Editorial Board sends the intimation of selection of the manuscript, such students are required to send the ‘Income Certificates’ of their parents or any other official documentthat certifies the economic state to seek such benefit.


Best Manuscript: ₹1500

2nd Best Manuscript: ₹1000

3rd Best Manuscript: ₹500

Also, Top 10 articles (includes top 3) would get, Certificate of Appreciation.


Email: editorialboard.yimf@gmail.com

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