About Green peace organisation

We act with hope and determination. We take on the impossible. We are everyday people connected around the world, embarking on a billion acts of courage. Join us today. We support several movements like save ocean movement, afforestation, clean air movement etc.

About internship:-

We expect our interns to commit minimum 45 days and maximum 3 months. We will not accept applications for less than the minimum duration mentioned. The internship is designed:
to enhance research skills of students in the field of environmental protection and policy through practical work assignments.
to expose them to advocacy and local project initiatives of Greenpeace India.
to utilize students’ skills towards our work in the area of environmental protection and conservation.

Qualification for Internship

Candidates applying for the internship program should fulfil the following criteria to qualify:1. The applicant should be in his/her 2rd year of study (or higher),2. The applicant should be able to provide a verification letter from their institution’s departmental head stating the requirement of internship.3. The applicant should be an Indian citizen

Apply now at :- https://www.greenpeace.org/india/en/internships/

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