About the competition:-

Indian civilization grew up under the care of River Ganga, nourished by her bounties for thousands of years. The Ganga river – along with her many tributaries and distributaries – provided material, spiritual and cultural sustenance to millions of people who lived in her basin and benefited from her munificence from time to time. River Ganga has been part of collective consciousness of India and is the most revered river. It is not only the centreof faith of people, but also the source of their sustenance and critically important for economy, food security and livelihood. It is difficult to imagine India without Ganga.

All Indian citizens are invited to Design a Logo for promotion of Organic Farming and Organic Products under “Namami Gange”

It is requested to note that no monetary prize is associated with the competition. This Ministry appreciates your participation.

Last date of submission is 15.09.2020

Apply now:- https://www.mygov.in/task/logo-design-contest-promotion-organic-farming-and-organic-products-under-namami-gange/

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