About Vahani

Children who have had to suffer the violence of poverty and prejudice from the day they were born to develop inner strength. Their demand for life, their need to survive, gives birth to a spirit of innovation second to none. That spirit, when recognised, cared for and mentored is a massive power source, a power that will promote the individual and change society. Only through education can this come about.​

​Vahani Scholarship is a non-profit organisation that recognisesthe importance of opening doors for the exceptionally brilliant underprivileged children in India. Our mission is to send Indian students who come from extenuating circumstances to the top universities across India. We take a two-pronged approach: full financial support combined with on-going personal mentorship.

By creating a close-knit community of scholars with exceptional talent, we hope to create leaders who will be the inspiration and agents of change in their local communities. We have no religious or political affiliations.

Selection Process

Applications will be selected on the basis of academic excellence, consistency, quality of the application and economic hardship. ​Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview with the guardian at the beginning of January. Selected candidates will be notified by the end of January.

Application Process

For Schools and NGOs

Applications are invited from all residents of India. Schools, NGOs and Individual’s should register for the VahaniScholarship Online Application. Each school can select up to five candidates and we recommend there to be a balanced gender ratio.

Please email info@vahanischolarship.com for any query.

Please keep a note of the following:• The candidate needs to read the Terms and Conditions and the application form carefully – complete all parts of the form.• The candidate can fill the preferred sections and save it in case it cannot be completed in one go. The candidate can later sign in again with the registered ID and Password to complete the form. After filling all the sections correctly, the candidate has to save the final section and then submit the form. The candidate will receive an email on the registered email ID confirming the submission.• The essay section in the form has to be filled by the candidate and candidate alone.

Important: The candidate will be required to provide personal information, including information on the financial condition of his / her family.

Last date of application:- 1st December 2020

Apply now at:- http://www.vahanischolarship.in/registration

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