About the Webinar

LEXAUXILIUM.COM in association with Jus Corpus is organizing a webinar session on “The Conjunction of Domestic Violence, Divorce and S.125 CRPC in India & The Role of Indian Society

The issue of domestic violence is omnipresent in every society; Indian or West. The societal mindset although with time has progressed but still the women is viewed subordinate to men in the most part of Indian society. Marriages in India are governed by the Special marriage act, 1955 and various personal laws, according to the region of the person.

Even after having stringent laws against domestic violence and constant support of the Indian Judiciary and Indian Constitution towards the maintenance of the divorced women and other underprivileged women, the ground reality portrays a very different and regressive picture.

This seminar will highlight the gaps between the laws and the implementation of such laws, besides touching the social aspects of the divorce, domestic violence, and its impact on the women and the children, who becomes vulnerable in such circumstances.

The speaker in this webinar will show how domestic violence is a n issue across every religion and caste and how Indian Society has yet to come up with reformation in their mindset in order to provide equity and fair access to justice for such women.

  • Platform: YouTube Live
  • Date: Saturday 10th October 2020
  • Time: 4:00 PM- 5:00 PM


  • The participants must be currently pursuing their Bachelor’s Degree in law i.e. 3 Year L.L.B. course or 5 Year B.A.LL.B. Course from any recognized university/school or pursuing LLM from any recognized University.
  • Any person having knowledge of the law or interested in the topic can also participate.

About the Speaker

Advocate Rahul Tiwari is a practising Advocate in Delhi High Court, District Court and Gurugram District Court. He completed his LLM with a specialisation in Information Technology Law. Apart from legal practise he has a strong passion for legal research and public speaking.

He has presented 16 Research papers in various international and national seminars, including papers in Denmark, NLSIU Bangalore, BHU, IIT Hyderabad, and also has 7 Unpaid publications in prestigious journals including the UGC approved one.

He has also been invited in NLU Delhi as a Resource Person in a national conference on Protection of Women from sexual harassment at workplace. Apart from legal practise and research, he loves teaching students (Colleges & School). He follows the life philosophy of Gandhi and Ambedkar. He has also learnt Horse Riding

Registration Process


E-Certificates will be provided to all the candidates attending the session.


For further details, Contact:
Pradeep Sharma

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