About the Opportunity:

If you’re someone who relates with our vision and is equally passionate to further this initiative, be a Student Manager and represent Neeti Shastra at your campus!

*Our focus will not be your CV, but your enthusiasm and passion for this initiative.*


1) Share opportunities in your college groups/social media.

2) Promote our initiatives on your campus.

3) Get internship reviews from students for the Website.

4) Any other work that is given.


1) Be the face of Neeti Shastra on your campus.

2) Top performers get their CV reviewed with proper feedback.

3) Selected Student Managers may get a chance to be a permanent member of Neeti Shastra and contribute to all of our initiatives.

4) First one to know about every opportunity.

5) Opportunity to publish your case summaries and a certificate of publication.

To be a part, fill the form here: www.nscorpus.com

Important dates:Duration: 2 months (November & December)Deadline: 2 PM, 26th October, 2020.

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