About the Opportunity

Project 39A offers a robust and rewarding online internship program that will provide meaningful exposure to the complexities and nuances of the criminal justice system in India for students of law and other fields.

About Project 39A

Project 39 A is a project of NLU Delhi that is inspired by Article 39A of the Constitution of India, a provision that furthers the intertwined values of equal justice and equal opportunity by removing economic and social barriers.

They are engaged in providing pro bono legal assistance to prisoners sentenced to death across the country by using empirical research to re-examine practices and policies in the criminal justice system.

Project 39A aims to trigger new conversations on legal aid, torture, forensics, mental health in prisons, and the death penalty.


Students of law, humanities, social sciences, management, or media.

Areas of Work

Administration of the death penalty (litigation and research)

Forensic science with a particular focus on DNA forensics

Legal aid in the criminal justice system

Mental health and criminal justice


Duration• Full-time: Minimum 4 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks.• Part-time: Minimum 12 weeks

Apply at https://www.project39a.com/internship

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