About the Opportunity

One Future Collective offers individuals, students or anyone from any field, the opportunity to volunteer with One Future Collective and work towards their goal of building compassionate youth social leadership.

About One Future Collective (OFC)

OFC is a feminist youth-led not-for-profit organization that works on building compassionate youth social leadership in India – with the belief that equipping individuals to take action in their micro-communities is what creates sustainable societal transformation. This work is carried out across verticals of gender justice, mental health, legal reform, and development policy.

The vision of OFC is to create an inclusive world that is guided by values of social justice. They’re committed towards their mission to drive large scale societal change through youth leadership, to achieve this vision.

Who can Volunteer

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the achievement of their goal through youth social leadership.

Apply at info@onefuturecollective.org

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