National Law University Jodhpur was established in 1999 and is among top ranked national law schools in India imparting high quality legal education, endeavouring to produce exceptional lawyers and academicians.


Under the aegis of NUJS the Centre for Intellectual Property Studies was started in 2018 with the object of creating awareness in the society and updating the industry on core issues with regard to intellectual property rights (IPR), infringements among others.


Submissions relating to any contemporary issues in the Intellectual Property law and allied fields inclusive of but not limited to- Cyberspace, Biotechnology, Environment, Competition Law, Human Rights, Trade and other topics in connection with intellectual property.


Students, researchers, policy-makers, academicians and lawyers can submit their original and unpublished works.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES1) The blog posts may be in the form of short articles, short notes, opinions and case comments.2) The submissions must be the original and unpublished work of the author. The NLUJ CIPS Blog maintains a strict policy against plagiarism.3) All submissions must be made in MS Word format and mailed to nlujcipsblog@gmail.com4) Details of identity of author must not be mentioned in the Word document.5) The authors are requested to include the following details in the body of the email: Name of Author(s), Year of Study (if applicable)/Professional Designation and Institute or Organisation of affiliation. A bio of about 40-50 may also be included.6) The sources should be cited in the form of hyperlinks in the body of main text of the submission. In the event that this is not possible, sources maybe cited as endnotes.7) The word limit of submissions is 1500-2500 words, though the same maybe relaxed in the interest of maintaining the quality of the submission.8) Formatting Guidelines: Content to be written in Garamond font style with font size of 12 for main text and font size of 10 for the endnotes. Line Spacing to be maintained at 1.5.9) Co-authorship is permitted up to two authors only.10) The author shall receive an acknowledgement mail by the Editorial board, on the receipt of the submission and a confirmation mail of acceptance/rejection of submission after the submission is reviewed and a decision thereupon is made.11) It is to be noted that on submission to the Blog, the author grants an exclusive licence to the CIPS to publish the work. The licence shall expire for those articles which are not published on the Blog. For those published the author grants an unlimited assignment over the reproduction, communication to the public and translation rights over the work.


No deadline. The submissions will be accepted on Rolling Basis.


Each submission shall undergo a two-stage internal review process. The Editorial board reserves absolute discretion to approve or reject a post for publication. For a post to be successfully published on the blog, the author(s) may be required to alter the language/grammar, justify his/her position on the law and reply to the comments of the reviewing editors.


For any query or further assistance, please contact nlujcipsblog@gmail.com

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