“Awaaz” Blog is an initiative by the Legal Aid Society of Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi which publishes articles aiming to encourage diverse legal discourse on contemporary social, political and legal issues and wished to create a space where different ideas can come together and converse with each other.

This current issue of the blog invites articles on:▪ Socio-legal issues and policy matters▪ Preference will be given to recent developments and trends in the socio-legal domain.▪ Preference shall be given to entries which are purely legal analyses.▪ Entries must showcase a predominant interface between law and society.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES• Submissions must be original and unpublished work of author(s)/contributor(s). Any form of will result in immediate disqualification.• The articles should be concise and precise to enhance the effectiveness of the posts and hence ideally not more than 1500 words.• Co-authorship up to 2 co-authors is permitted.• Formatting Guidelines:▪ For the Body- Times New Roman, Font size: 12, Line-spacing: 1.5▪ For the Footnotes- Times New Roman, Font size: 10, Line-spacing: 1.0▪ All headings must have uniform formatting.▪ Wherever case law, statutory material or other resources are being referred to, appropriate Hyperlinks must be provided in the text of submission itself.▪ For Indian case laws authors may provide a link to the case here if available, or the website of the relevant court.▪ Footnotes should be used only when strictly necessary, in case hyperlinks are unavailable.▪ Footnotes must conform to the ILI Citation Rules available here.• The name of the author(s) or their institutional affiliation must not be mentioned anywhere in the article.• The Editorial Board of Awaaz and the Teacher Convener of the Legal Aid Society, Campus Law Centre shall conduct a strict editorial review of submissions received and hold absolute discretion in determining whether to accept a submission or not.• Articles/Posts accepted for publication on Awaaz may be cross-posted. Such cross-posting shall not require the prior consent of the author(s).• Please ensure that the title of the submission is not more than eight words long.

PROCEDURE OF SUBMISSION• The article must be mailed to awaaz.bloglasclc@gmail.com in MS Word format (.doc/.docx) only.• PDF/ other formats/ hard copy submissions will not be accepted.• The body of the covering email must contain:▪ Name of the Author(s)▪ Contact number▪ Name of the Institution▪ Academic year of the course being pursued▪ Title of the paper▪ A declaration stating that the article is an original and previously unpublished work of the author(s).


For queries and further correspondence please write at awaaz.bloglasclc@gmail.com

Vasuda Singh [Editor-in-Chief]: +91-8130426636

Puja Raghavan [Managing Editor]: +91-9899527114

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