NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai is conducting an Alternative Judgment Writing Competition on 15th August, 2021. The competition will be organized by Centre For Excellence which is a research centre of the university and aims to significantly enhance legal research & development, through its integration with allied discipline.


The Judgment Writing Competition by Centre for Excellence 2021, has been conceived with the aim of promoting researching abilities of law aspirants and the creative skills of interpreting and applying various legal provisions and drafting judgment.

The judgment in question is “Union of India vs Naveen Jindal & Anr” where the right to hoist the national flag was the main contention. After years of struggle for independence, Indians got the freedom to fly their own flag, now the question arises, should there be a restriction in doing so? And if yes, then under what circumstances? 


Release of the judgment 


Last date of registration


Last date of Submission of the Judgment


Declaration of the Results


TEAM COMPISITION• Each team shall consist of a minimum of 1 member and a maximum of 2 members.• The participants shall be pursuing a 3-year LLB or 5-year integrated LLB programme from any college within India.• The team composition may not be altered after registration.• There is No Registration Fees for Alternate Judgment Writing Competition.

FORMATTING GUIDELINES• The font of the entire body of the judgment must be ‘Times New Roman’ with the font size of 12.• There shall be no endnotes in the entire document, the authorities must be cited within the main body of the judgment itself or can be footnoted by adhering to the 20th Bluebook citation format.• A line spacing must be kept at 1.5 points, uniformly throughout the document.• The document must be neatly bordered from all the 4 sides.• Any verbatim copying of any part of the judgment or the legal provision must be italicized and written within inverted commas only.• The margins of the document must be set in ‘Normal’ leaving 1” all four sides.• The size of the document must be in ‘A4’ size.


The judgment must be submitted online, through registered mail of the participants and should conform to the following guidelines:• The judgment shall not exceed 10 pages, including the cover page.• The team is required to cite authorities similar to judgmentsof courts. The teams must adhere to the 20th Bluebook citation format.• The judgment shall conform to the format as mentioned below.• The submission must be made in both .doc and PDF format via the Google Form.• The name of the file should be the name of author or name of one the co-authors/in case of co-authorship followed by an underscore and AJW21. For example – Michael Scott_AJW21• There is strict plagiarism policy with plagiarism limit is 15%


Every judgment must mandatorily incorporate the points mentioned below, in the body of the judgment, failing which the participants may attract deductions:I. First Page.II. Name of the Court.III. Title, Number of the Case.IV. Date of Delivery of Judgment.V. Nature of the Case(s) (Civil/Criminal/Writ)VI. Any other relevant information team wishes to incorporate on first page to Judgments of the Indian Courts.VII. Facts / History & Procedural History of the Petition / Suit / Appeal.VIII. Admissibility / Maintainability of Petitions / Suits / Appeals.IX. Issues & Points for Determination.X. Framing Specific Questions for determination.XI. Reference to Precedents, Other Sources (both authoritative & persuasive).XII. Decision on issues framed or points formulated.XIII. Decretal / Operative Part.

DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION• The judgment is to be submitted via the google form in both doc.x and pdf latest by 11:59 PM IST, August 14, 2021.• In case of multiple submissions, the last submission by the participant before the deadline will be considered for evaluation and any submission received after the deadline shall not be considered for evaluation, and the team shall be disqualified. 


Registration Form




Problem Judgment 



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