A manager or director at YIMF is someone in a management or leadership position the organization. They will take on the same type of roles that those in a government agency would have, taking care of various responsibilities that directly affect the future of the organization. Taking on a management or leadership level position can be challenging as those in the role will usually be responsible for developing an overall vision for the organization and then leading our organization towards its goals.

Managers in YIMF have been segregated department wise, with each department having various managers for performing specific roles. The various departments in YIMF are as follows:

  1. Social Welfare
  2. Media and PR
  3. E-Learning
  4. Human Resources
  5. Internship Cell
  6. Event Management
  7. Editorial Board
  8. Saarthi Talks


The Social Welfare Department team is headed by the dynamic and kind-hearted Mr. Arsh Deep Bhadour(Director, YIMF). The department basically serves as the intellectual brain of the body of YIMF. The said department is trusted with the task of outsourcing social awareness on myriad of issues, to create and implement initiatives for the society at large, and to chisel out plans for the NGO to reach out to people in physical as well as virtual sphere with the aims of educating, and imparting knowledge to all. Social Welfare Department has also been instrumental in carving out the various sensitization programs YIMF has undertaken since its inception. The team comprises of highly dedicated and smart individuals coming from various walks of lives providing the team with much needed diversity in perspective.

Suchi Ganediwala

Suchi is a 12th grade student preparing for her medical entrance. She feels that YIMF provides her a platform to help people and spread awareness even as a student. With her leadership and management skills, she overlook the content of the social welfare department


The department of Media and PR is headed by Mr. Anurag Parmar (Director, YIMF). Media and PR department, an integral part of YIMF, aims for two reaching two important objectives for the YIMF. Recently inaugurated, PR department aims for the better outreach of the events, webinars, certificate courses and of NGO as a whole as well as bringing collaboration for the NGO. On the other hand the Media department focuses on presenting the events etc and NGO in the best way possible. Media and PR Team with their smooth coordination ensures presenting the events and YIMF in the best way possible and ensures to reach the maximum audience. Based on the above objectives, the Media and PR Department holds strong with a team of 30+ members, dedicatedly working in the operation and management of the department as to ensure smooth functioning of the team.

Vidit Gupta

Media Manager

A 3rd year MBBS student from Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune. I joined the NGO in June,2020 and was appointed as the Media Manager in July. With my skills in Photoshop and eye for aesthetic, I want to make the process of spreading our projects and growing our platform as organized and beautiful as possible. Currently working as the media manager, I handle all the posts and content that is there on the YIMF socials.

Contact: Can be reached at – vidit1999g@gmail.com, 9284712638

Isha Agarwal

Deputy Media Manager

I joined Young Ignited Minds Foundation in June 2020 as a member of social welfare department. I’m currently pursuing BCom at Mithibai College, Mumbai. I am also a CA and ACCA aspirant. Currently I am the Deputy Media Manager here at YIMF. Mostly doing graphic designing work here along with other talented graphic designers who aim to convey the information and facts to you in the best way possible. I wish to help the underprivileged and make the society better in every way I can. My hobbies include reading books, painting and dancing.

Contact : Can be reached at ishaaga0@gmail.com

Kushagri Gupta

Marketing and Outreach Manager

An enthusiastic fourth year MBBS student at Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune, started her journey by being the Campus Ambassador in YIMF who ensures that the ever-expanding growth of YIMF never stops. She constantly evolves strategies to support the multidimensional reach of YIMF and expand it into more than just an organization. Through her planning and organizing skills, analytical abilities and professionalism in communication, she believes in establishing the identity of YIMF digitally. She is an awarded athlete and has an exceptional experience of working in many NGOs for bringing a change in the society.

Contact : Can be reached at kushagrig@gmail.com

Shreyansh Mohan Das

Public Relations Manager

I joined YIMF in September 2020 as the PR manager, currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Bachelors of business administration from Kolkata. Aspiring CMA (U.S.A) candidate. I have been an active member of the entrepreneurship cell of my college and have been holding the position of the chairman in the same since june,2020. The aim is to build a better, efficient, and sustainable future.

Sakshi Srivastav

Campus Ambassador Programme Manager

Sakshi Srivastav is a third year law student at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab. She is majoring in Political Science and plans to take up Constitutional Law as her field of specialization. She has always had the hankering to work for the amelioration of the underprivileged section of the society. She manages our Campus Ambassador Programme.

Can be reached at sakshisrivastav@rgnul.ac.in

Alankrita Sinha

Collaboration Manager

Alankrita is a second year law student at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law. She had joined YIMF owing to her zeal for working for the underprivileged sector of the society. She has contributed in the projects like Wall of Hope and Saarthi. Currently, she works as the collaboration manager under the PR department.

Kunal Panwar

Webinar Outreach Manager

Kunal panwar is a 2nd year law student at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, a YIMF member since February 2020, joined because of his interest in helping the underprivileged, as a shot for better future for all. Aims to change the world for the better, through law and social welfare.
Poetic, young and unafraid.

Can be reached at kunalpanwar32@yahoo.com


The department of E-learning is headed by Ms. Anjali Gupta (Director, YIMF). E-Learning Department, under the flagship of YIMF Academia, aims for dissemination of education via online means. Recently inaugurated, it initially aimed at catering to the needs of students, which were difficult to meet during the ongoing pandemic. Now, with the inclusion of a team of Content Writers and Webinar Management Coordinators, the department ensures that it reaches out to the requirement of the learners, scholars and practitioners by providing them an access to the quality educative material and eminent mentors from every part of the country. Based on the above objectives, the E-Learning Department holds strong with a team of 50+ members, dedicatedly working in the operation and management of the department as to ensure smooth functioning of the team..

V. Krishna Laasya

Content Manager

Final Year Law student with a demonstrated history of skills in Communication, drafting Articles and conducting Legal Research. Mooter with accomplishments in the field of Constitutional Law and an IPR, Corporate Law fanatic. Interned at Lakshmi Kumaran and Sridharan, Indian National Bar Association and adjudged Best Intern at E justice India. Senior Associate Editor at Centre for Academic Legal Research.

Contact : Can be reached at vklaasya@gmail.com

Dhanya S Krishnan

Manager, Programme Division

A third-year law student who aspires to succeed in the field of litigation. Her primary interests include Criminal law, Constitutional law, Public International Law, and IPR. She has completed 6 internships and is currently, the Manager of the Programme Division at YIMF. She is passionate about serving the community, and helping the underprivileged.

Contact: Can be reached at dhanyasetlurkrishnan@gmail.com

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