Adv. Priyam Jinger is a candidate for McGill University Canada , Air and Space Law for fall 2021. She is a Graduate in BA LLB from Rajiv Gandhi National Law University of Law Punjab. A Passionate Learner & active personality is what best describes Priyam. She has a keen desire to build a better world for everyone. Priyam boasts of an extensive experience, having interned with prestigious organizations such as OIL AND NATURAL GAS CORPORATION (ONGC) and the NATIONAL COMPANY LAW TRIBUNAL, Mumbai etc. She also attend one of the best summer schools in Germany, 2018 and The Hague Academy of International laws ( International Court Of Justice).


Ms. Anjali is a fourth year law student of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala (Constitutional Law Specialization), who has a keen interest in comparative study of law. She’s the Director of the E-Learning Department, YIMF and has advocated for the dissemination of knowledge and education via the online learning measures. Being an honorary recipient of Rajya Puraskar at the young age of 14 years and a NCC Cadet at 5th Punjab Battalion, she has dedicatedly embraced the society in her own way and works for sustainment for the time to come. Besides, she is a Deputy Team Leader of Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA) Punjab Chapter and had been associated with other NGOs in the past, intending to contribute her bit, being an advocate of equitable rights for all. Her internship experience includes those in High Courts, under arbitrators and litigation firms.


Shriya Ojha joins CRISP as Research Manger. Shriya is a second year law student at RGNUL, Patiala. She has been a part of YIMF for more than a year and helped in organising events like Wall of Hope, Saarthi and the journey has been so fulfilling. Her life’s motto is “Do things you love and the way you love” and she love exploring. From food joints to international policies, She never stop looking for new stuff. Space policy and law is among her top interests and the reason she joined CRISP


Kunal Panwar joins CRISP as Research Manager. Kunal is a 2nd year law student at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law. He is member of YIMF since February 2020 and has shown his interest in helping the underprivileged, as a shot for better future for all. Kunal Aims to change the world for the better, through law and social welfare.



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