• Aikyam, a fundraising initiative, was initiated in June 2020 for addressing the need to provide safe and secure transportation of migrant laborers stranded in Mumbai due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unable to reach their homes in U.P., Kerala and other states. The NGO received monetary contributions from all parts of the country, to the tune of around ₹ 1.7 lakh.
  • The event featured interacting with the migrant labourers for obtaining their details as well as medical certificates regarding their fitness to travel. Subsequently, arrangements were made for 10 different families, comprising a total of 45 members, through a local bus service to travel from Nala Sopara to Prayagraj. On 13th June, 2020, the migrant labourers boarded the bus, followed by distribution of food packets, water bottles and sanitation kits. Proper sanitation was ensured for both the migrant workers and the volunteers on site. The event culminated with the departure of the bus at 10 P.M.
  • The organising committee constituted a team of 26 diligent YIMF members, helmed by Mr. Eshaan Bansal, Chairman, along with Ms. Sana Bansal, Ms. Pratishtha Condoor and Mr. Parikshit constituting the core management.
  • The event was an excellent opportunity for the YIMF team to fulfil its fundamental obligation of reaching out to the migrant labourers stranded in other cities, for sending them to their hometowns and reuniting them with their families and relatives in the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bus reached Prayagraj on 15th June 2020 with 45 people on board, safe and sound.

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