The reviewing process at YIMF ACADEMIA is multi-layered passing through 5-6 stages.

In stage 1, the senior members skim through the articles and pass it to the stage,
In stage 2, Junior Editors check plagiarism (through Turnitin) and grammar.

The articles that are highly plagiarized are outrageously rejected.

Further, Associate editors check the content on the basis of the following criteria-

  1. Coherence
  2. Structure/Flow of the article
  3. Sentence structure and formation
  4. Research
  5. Comments made by Associate Editors are forwarded to Editors. Editors cross-check the citations along with making it in a correct format following 20th Edition of Bluebook. Editor rejects the article that doesn’t fulfill the given criteria and pass the accepted articles to senior Editors. Senior Editors further proofread the articles and get them ready for publication. Every article is first coded and given a
    numeric name to facilitate the blind review process. Every Editor is provided with a separate Google drive folder which further helps to maintain records.
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