Our vision has been planned while keeping in mind all the latest developments and changes which India needs to achieve in the social sphere. The vision for the country is to make it legally empowered in order to combat all evils which haunts our nation even after 71 years of independence. There must be equitable justice for each of our citizen, irrespective of their position in the social strata. We plan to see an independent India, where its citizens get the basic amenities of life, their requirements are fed and their needs are catered to.

YIMF works for the social upliftment of deprived classes with the vision, for them to stand on their own in the upcoming years of achievement. Education would be reached out to more than 95% of the total popula- tion, which in turn should help them meet better hygiene and living conditions. People must be properly ed- ucated at the present time, about the maintenance of health, conservation of energy, prevention of economic degradation, etc. with the aim that future generation does not suffer due to our negligence. Eradication of poverty and promotion of sustainable development must be at its best to help various transitions in the coun- try for the sake of development of the economy as a whole.

Though YIMF is a recent contributor in the development of the integrity of our nation, its members are working actively to make the aforementioned vision a reality. YIMF promotes the pro-development activities and conducts sessions and seminars regarding the same, with the aim of educating people about the vision we need to achieve in the contemporary times. With the mutual cooperation of the members and volunteers, the dream to establish India as a major power- free from the elements of social degradation, holds true.

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