The Young Ignited Minds Foundation is proud to present its flagship, online Journal, YIMF ACADEMIA: JOURNAL OF SOCIAL AND LEGAL RESEARCH.

YIMF ACADEMIA is an e-Journal aimed at generating awareness about issues such as Child Abuse and Prevention to Cruelty Against Children, Women Empowerment and other Relevant Social and Legal issues.

The Journal is open to all and accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Academicians, Practitioners, researchers, students and others interested in the field may send original, unpublished papers to:


ISSN: 2582-6123


Young Ignited Minds Foundation presents to you Volume I, Issue III of the Journal of Social and Legal Research. YIMF, through this deemed Journal, believes in keeping our readers abreast with the emerging nuances of the law. This issue themed on “Aviation and Space Law: Indian and International Perspectives” is no exception to the aforementioned. With uttermost realisation of the concern over the existing disproportion between the increasing popularity of Space and Aviation law in India and the qualitative research done on the same, the current issue attempts to promote a methodical discourse on the said arena of law by making our avid readers learn more about the subject matter.

Gender inclusion is a concept that transcends mere equality. It’s the notion that all services, opportunities, and establishments are open to all people and that male and female stereotypes do not define societal roles and expectations. This edition of Volume 1 Issue 2 of YIMF Academia Journal of Social and Legal Research and the articles within, are themed around on the issue of gender inclusiveness.

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact communities around the world. This Special Edition of Volume 1 Issue 1 of YIMF Academia Journal of Social and Legal Research and the articles within, are themed around how COVID-19 has affected lives as we know it. The Editorial Board would like to dedicate this Edition to all the COVID-19 warriors working on the frontlines, who are tirelessly fighting the long war for the sake of humanity. Their heroic efforts and selfless courage shall never be forgotten. We would also like to pay tribute to all the frontline workers and patients alike, who have lost this battle to the invisible enemy.

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