Message from the team:

YIMF Academia’s Journal of Social-Legal Research is an inter-disciplinary approach based study of the society with different domains of law and other social sciences. It addresses the challenges in the concerned field of study and critically analyses it to conclude with feasible suggestions and course of action. Every version of the Journal focusses on a single broader topic with various sub-topics under its umbrella and targets researchers and academicians alongside students who wish to have an in-depth knowledge of the topics.

YIMF Academia Blog series focusses on basic lacunae present in the field of law alongside the field of Human Rights and other related domains. It is an attempt similar to the Journal but has an audience that is always on the move and has lesser time to grasp more. It is a platform to address the mentioned problems and possible solutions for the same, all described in a short, crisp, and clear manner.

Both, the Journal and the Blog series, are committed to achieving a broad national as well as international appeal and attracting contributions from across the sections of the civil society.

The Editorial Board is proud to have members from across the country with experiences, both as contributors and editors, in various nationally and internationally acclaimed Journals and Organisations. The Board is a group of talented and hard-working individuals determined to attain perfection and take the YIMF Academia to new heights.

We hope that you had a great time getting to know us from our website. If you wish to know more about us, or contribute to YIMF Academia, know about the happening events or have any query regarding YIMF Academia, feel free to drop an email at or contact the below mentioned.

Warm Regards.

Priyam Jinger, Editor-in-Chief, (8289011619).
Abhishek Naharia, Managing Editor, (9521643693).

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